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The Mission   

  Haitian Multicultural Association (HMA), promotes education, foster unity, promotes networking, and improves the image of Haitians throughout Houston, Texas.


     In addition, HMA ‘s philosophy encompasses self-empowerment, personal development; professional and community development; and cultural exchange in the areas of health, education, psychosocial, and cultural development of Haitians and other ethnic groups in Houston, Texas and internationally which offer positive information about Haiti and other ethnic groups.


     To provide relief to the poor, the distressed, and or under-privileged in the U.S., Haiti, and other underprivileged local and countries abroad.




  • Support and promote the development of future leaders through education.

  • Provide a link between existing community organizations to facilitate networking.

  • Provide a platform for leaders and experts from all academic, professional, and technical backgrounds to exchange ideas, collaborate, and share their knowledge with our community.

  • Improve the image of Haitians and other ethnic groups throughout Houston, Texas, and internationally which promote excellence in our community.



  • To promote self sufficiency

  • To promote good citizenship and positive contributions to society

  • To encourage cultural understanding, economic development and political cooperation of all the nations.

  • To collaborate with other organizations and individuals that has similar purposes and goals.

  • To create and implement specific programs and services related to education, health, and culture in United States, Haiti, and other countries.

  • To provide educational sponsorship and scholarships to children and young adults.

  • To Create and coordinate with local professional legal teams in United States to work with community residents pro bono or at a reduce cost.

  • To create a center to provide resources to the local community

  • To create and implement educational program

  • To receive donations of food, medical, school supplies to distribute to those in need

  • To Promote the social well being and support the educational advancements of Haitians and other ethnic groups

  • To Provide educational and cultural perspectives to Friends of Haiti wishing to help the Country.

  • Share Haiti’s rich culture with the community and Friends of Haiti in Texas.

  • To create a community medical clinic at no cost to those in need in the community.

  • To create transitional homes to those in transition to the community such as refuges resettlement, homeless, elderly, run-away youths, single parents, family, second chance felons, while helping them gaining employment and stable income to have their own place of resident.



Core Values:

The Haitian Multicultural Association is based on the principles that all men are created equal therefore each member of the association must consistently demonstrate mutual respect toward one another and toward their neighbors.


Each member shall thrive to maintain unity among Haitians in the community for the goodness of the community and for the pride of their homeland.



 Therefore each member shall abide by the ethical values of the Association, which are:


  • Integrity, by exercising good judgment and by adhering to ethical principles in making decisions for the Haitian Multicultural Association.


  • Honesty, by being truthful, fair and sincere in matters pertaining to the Haitian Multicultural Association.

  • Responsibility, by showing reliability, accountability and trustworthiness in their actions for the Haitian Multicultural Association.

  • Self-discipline, by acting with reasonable restraint during all the activities associated with the Haitian Multicultural Association.


  • Charity, by being kind, caring, tolerant and compassionate toward each other and toward the people in the community and other ethnic groups.