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  • Youth Street Theater (YST) will be developed as an outdoor theater. YST is a Saturday program offered to the youth of Houston. Participation fees will be necessary to offset the cost of operations. Participants will learn to enhance their talents, stay in school, remain drug free, steer away from gang activities, and maintain positive self-esteem.  The program will offer various activities centered on music, the performing arts, public speaking and academic tutoring. Program participants will perform to the public on Saturday evenings and will travel to different communities. All performances will be free of demeaning qualities, profanity or dress that would not be in line with HMA values. The youth will be trained to be ambassadors of peace focused on the plight of locally disadvantage children.



  • Career Academy will recruit and train prospective employees found in the community and from a developed partnership with the Texas workforce. The emphasis is on employment. The curriculum includes assessments, value-based business and work ethics, motivation, building self- esteem, assertiveness, negotiations, sales, business language skills, managing stress, and computer skills. The training program will run two weeks Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for a total of 40 hours of instruction in groups of twenty. Participants will receive pens, notebooks, handouts, workbooks and certificates upon completion. The participants will have a fee and sponsors will be sought after to underwrite aspects of the program.


  • TLC Thrift Store will collect donated items from donors for resell to the general public.  TLC will provide free items for the needy or homeless on designated days during the week.  A voucher system will ensure that the process works well and the needy are served.  TLC will have liability insurance, and train high school students for job preparedness in retail services. The profit from the store will support Texas Helping Haitians.


  • Texas Helping Haitians Mission (THH) This component provides opportunities for short term grounds mission participation for Texas volunteers. It is geared towards service in education, trauma relief counseling, health, and environmental areas. The participants will be drawn from all walks of life with a concentration on recruitment toward colleges and university students, graduates, professionals and retirees. The THH program mission is to inspire social development and humanitarian aid towards the disadvantaged Haitians through the use of sponsorship.


  • Refugee Resettlement Program This program will help individuals from different countries that come to the U.S. as refugees to adapt to the American way of life. They will be provided with information on how to file for social security numbers and food stamps, how to complete their legal status, find a job, housing, and help with garments and personal hygiene. This program will have different representatives from each department to address their needs. This program will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


  •  The Wellness program will provide first aid, primary care/diagnosis of different screening such as: diabetes, cholesterol, prostate, high blood pressure, HIV, and other preventive plans for Planned Parenthood. This program will run three times every month at no cost to the participants.


  • Women’s Wellness Program is a program directed toward women. Circle of Friends Club- monthly informal business and social gathering to connect with other women in the community offers women refreshments, networking and interesting speakers. There will be a monthly membership fee of $ 10.00 and will provide a quarterly newsletter. Women in Transition- weekly support group that deals with issues of self-esteem, change and moving forward. Fashion Modeling Group- open group facilitated designed to help participants to look at their inner and outer image, clothing fashion, and their culture in a holistic, self-loving and self-respecting way. Women’s Exchange- quarterly gathering of women for refreshments, networking and motivational speaker from different field and background interest. Faith-Based counseling: with ministerial professional counselors.