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  • Back-to- School supply fair- HMA conducts a community-based back to school supply fair.  Over hundred children received school supplies to begin the year.


  • Annual Gala- HMAs main cultural event is our annual gala, which is an opportunity for members and guests to let their hair down. Our gala is a celebration of the Haitian culture and always carries a theme of that culture. It takes place the first of January each year.  It includes art exhibits by well-known Haitian artists as well as up and coming artists, cocktail hour with typical Haitian fare such as akra, and live music, and special recognition awards are given to strong supporters and generous sponsors of HMA. Our gala is always a sight to see and the talk of the town long after it’s over.


  • Community Fair- We conduct a community fair every fourth week of July or the beginning of August where we provide information on health and screenings for diabetes and cholesterol, info about universities and colleges plus information about immigration updates and civil rights in the U.S.  We supply updates on real estate, jobs, insurance, and the state resource for low-income families: Medicaid, CHPS and food stamps.


  • Fundraising-   Funds are needed for the implementation of projects supported by HMA. Fundraising events are an important aspect of the organization. Our annual gala is our biggest fundraising event of the year. We aspire to have more such events, but on a smaller and more intimate scale.


  • HMA Flag Day-Flag Day is a celebration of the achievements and contributions of Haitians and individuals of Haitian descent. This celebration takes place in May at a local park. Various community organizations including businesses, nonprofit organizations and schools are on hand for the celebration. It is a beautiful day of Haitian arts and crafts, literature, music, games, and last but not least various foods.


  •  Anchor Angel Michael-We feed the homeless in Fourth Ward near downtown every two months. We also mentor them to transition from the streets into life in the city’s shelters. We conduct workshops to help them obtain jobs and independent arrangements.


  • Mentoring/Internships-HMA’s main focus is education, particularly, that of the youth. In our efforts to remain a constant and supportive force in the education of our youth, our goal is to have many of our members involved in mentoring various youth to lower dropout rates, decrease crime/violence and even birth rates.


  • Community Service-HMA’s desire is to work with the community to provide community service hours to students and adults.


  • Career Day Fairs- HMA wishes to present an annual career day fair in the community as well as the school systems (aiming at HISD schools). This event allow our members the opportunity to directly speak to the students about the particulars of a profession as well to show them proof that having a good education is the key to success.

  • Bright smile Christmas Toy Drive-HMA gift to the community will be a toy drive for the children during the third week of December.


  • Education Program Fund- Our Education Program Fund will support school-related activities and individual students or a group of students who wish to participate in qualified educational projects.


  • Annual Convention: "We are the Future (children/youth)"- HMA is scheduling a 3-day annual convention, "We are the Future". It will take place in February.  Its goal is to provide much needed information to both students and the community. It offers various programs for students of all academic levels and backgrounds ranging from "How to Get into Medical School" for college students to "How to Get Financial Aid" for any level students.  Presentations on health, religion, finances, political, and legal empowerment by a host of speakers.   An exhibit hall of businesses, nonprofit organizations, various sponsors, and schools offer attendees the opportunity to network and obtain information on areas of interest.


  • Essay Contest with a $1000 First Prize-HMA plans to implement an annual essay competition for qualifying high school students. Qualifying criteria includes a minimum 3.00 grade point average. A $1000 first place prize, a $500 second place prize, and a $250 third place prize to be awarded to the writers of the top three essays during the gala or the convention. 




Become a Member


  Annual Adult- $ 30.00

Annual  Student- $ 10.00



If you are looking for a way to give back to the community and to be more integrated in the service of the association to support the Haitian Multicultural Association community here in Houston and abroad. The Haitian Multicultural Association (HMA) is for you!


Established in 2007, the Haitian Multicultural Association is a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to providing opportunities to Haitians and other ethnic seeking to improve their living conditions in the state of Texas. HMA has a strong focus in meeting the various needs of the community and through:

•   Cultural education,

•   Health fair outreach programs

•   Educational outreach programs

•   Community outreach programs,

•   Family support services,

•   Building the foundation for greater civic participation and leadership in our community


However, we can only be as strong as our members.


We need YOUR support to achieve these objectives.


Your membership helps HMA achieve its mission to transform lives in the community in Houston into serving one another and growing together for the benefits of the local community and Haiti.


Other reasons to join HMA:

•   Opportunity to serve on HMA committees

•   Opportunities to be featured (or to feature your organization) in HMA newsletter

•   Opportunities to be featured on the HMAs website monthly member spotlight

•   Eligibility to serve on Board of Directors

•   Voting rights for selection of HMA Board

•   15% off of admission to all HMA events and other HMA services

•   25% off their membership enrollment for Businesses that provide some type of discount to our HMA registered members.


Instructions: Read the application carefully and follow all instructions.

1. Complete page 1 of the application. Organizations are to also fill out page

2.  Sign and date the application and submit the form.

3.  Pay your dues online through PayPal